Turning data into action

We believe the tourist industry needs to embrace and take advantage of the use of data and new marketing technologies. Commercial communication has changed. Advertising no longer provides viable ROI for every campaign. Big Data is revolutionising the way organizations identify and locate their best prospects. But data alone isn’t enough, it needs to be analysed, understood and consequently actions have to take place. Destination Marketing acts in this context, applying solutions which enable every individual to have a truly personal relationship with its favourite destination. By discovering not just where people are, but what they really care about and what drives their behaviour, we help the tourist industry to attract more people. Through demographic information, tracking mobile behaviour, knowing in advance from which countries most of the flights have been booked for the coming season and much more. We identify for tourism boards, hotels, resorts and other tourist attractions, which customers are most valuable, then we attract them, engage them and nurture them throughout all their decisional journey.

Ilenia Morandi
B2C Director

Specialized in digital marketing, online promotion strategies and training for hotels and destinations. Combines over 10 years’ experience in the tourist industry with constant update concerning the web marketing. University degree in Marketing and Business Communication – Web Marketing Specialist Master - HubSpot Academy Inbound Certified.

Marco Mason
B2B Director

Important experiences as sales director in the commercial and industrial sectors. Specialized in B2B marketing for the tourist industry. Profound know-how of the sales processes as well as of the data mining and analysis. HubSpot Academy Inbound Certified.

Communicating with customers with granular personalisation at every digital touch-point is an opportunity that requires near-instant data feeds. An automated system, that’s continually matching the offer up with the customers’ wishes, is now every destination’s and hotel’s "must-have". Therefore, Destination Marketing merges all marketing efforts into one harmonious process, ensuring tourists receive the right message, at the right time, through the right channel.